Monday, June 13, 2011

Zoe Tells All

I am a fiesty little puppy. Daddy calls me Apollyon instead of Zoe sometimes. Apollyon is Greek for "Destroyer." I like the corners of carpets and the sides of baskets, and shoes, of course. It feels good on my teeth. I don't like when Mom and Dad yell at me though, so I try to chew on my own toys....

But my FAVORITE is sticks. Sticks are fun because they make big messes.

I get to go almost everywhere with Mom and Dad. They let me ride on their laps in the car, which is really fun. I like looking out the window, until another car drives by - I'm afraid of cars.

resting my head on the steering wheel

Or on Dad's arm... both work.
I don't like that long leash they put on me. I hinders my exploring. I'd much rather follow Mom and Dad wherever they go... unless I find something more interesting to sniff or eat.

walking at the Greenway
I'm 8 weeks old now and weigh 10 pounds. That means I doubled my weight in just over two weeks! I have strong, muscular legs, and I'm getting a little chubby on my tummy, see?

When I first was adopted I was so little and cute that Daddy thought it would be sweet to let me sit with him on the couch. So I would sleep on his lap.

The couch is the best! I can get myself up there now and I think I'm so cool! Mom's not sure what to think. I look pretty cute all curled up, or sprawled out (depends on my mood), but I'm also growing really fast. I hope they let me stay on the couch, though.

Sometimes I go to work with Mom and play with Isabelle the German Shepherd all afternoon. Those days are the best. My crate is alright, but I'd much rather play. I like to growl at Isabelle, but she just runs away and I have to chase her down. This makes me really, really tired.

this is my favorite way to lay

trying to stay awake...
I'm a pretty good girl. I learned to sit and shake last week. Now I'm working on stay, lay, come and roll over. I don't like any of those. Soon I have to learn to be polite on that darn leash...

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  1. :D this whole thing made me smile. I can't wait to meet her!