Friday, March 2, 2012

3 Weeks!

Our baby boy is 3 weeks old today. His daddy is so proud and excited, his mama is a little sad the time is flying by so quickly.

We think he's got to be over 7 pounds by now. His double chin is adorable, 
and his wrinkly skin is filling up with chubs. <3 

He sure does love his milk. I love our time together while he nurses. I love that I have nothing else to do for that time, and I can just sit and enjoy my baby. I hold his hand, rub his head or toes, play with his fingers, admire every part of his little body.

He has grown increasingly more alert in the last week. I wanted him asleep for these pictures, 
but he liked the sunshine. His little eyes are so cute. 
Some days they look like they'll be chocolate brown, others maybe blue.


I could kiss him one thousand times a day and it would still not be enough.
new favorite <3

I look at him daily, and cannot believe he was inside of me. That we created him.
 I cannot now imagine my world without him in it.

He loves his fists

Ralph Franklin, you are loved, way past the moon - and back.


  1. Beautiful!!!! I love his folds of skin. :)

  2. I like his fists too! Ooh Rah!