Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little Bit O' Everything

Friday evening and Saturday morning this lil cutie was a gem while we soaked up Driscoll's wisdom on marriage as friendship, and what it means to serve one another in all areas of life. Highly recommended!

Pretty afternoons Friday and Saturday in Due West, at Erskine College. I love my boys.



Paul Patrick - one of the pastors who married us - met Ralphie.

 Ralphie is 6 whole weeks old now! Looking less and less like a newborn every day... which is bittersweet.

Fun times with Aunt Ashley and Uncle Josh (everything is translated in Ralphie-language these days)

ain't they cute?? :)

And dinner in downtown Greenville at Sticky Fingers with Uncle Joe! 

Spring is moving right along! The house is still a work-in-progress. I'm getting out more, and feeling back to my normal self. I have a feeling sleeping through the night is right around the corner for Ralphie. Daniel starts his work with our new church next week, and I'm hoping to finally make the nursery bedding, and wall art. I'd like to plant some vegetables and some flowers before it's too late. I am no where close to my goal to read 20 books this year, and I am almost a month behind in my read-thru-the-Bible-in-a year. We're joining the YMCA in April and I am THRILLED. Daniel got an iPhone, and I think he feels ten times cooler than ever.

Life is good. I am thankful.


  1. Your photography is SO good Ashlee. I am really really impressed and I love it!!!

    I'm glad to see pics of the weekend...and Ralphie is adorable!! :D

    1. Thanks Rachel! You're so sweet. :)