Thursday, March 15, 2012

On My Front Porch Looking In

Six-thirty pm on Tuesday, March 13th - I sit down in the front room of our new home to nurse the baby. He's so sleepy his little bum is scrunched up, and his arms are curled next to his chin. He makes grumpy faces at me as I try to kiss him awake. He is so yummy.

I look out our front window - one of them! We have so many windows in our new home [I LOVE]. The evening light beams gloriously across the front porch . . .

I scoop up my scrunchy little boy [kissing him again], grab my camera, and a big white blanket and see what we can get.

Thank you, Ben Franklin, for these pictures. Without you six-thirty March 13th 2012 would have been dark as night. ;)

Darling Boy, I love you.


  1. These are my favorite yet. "Different angles!" Nailed. :D

    He is so so squishy and adorable!

    1. Rachel, I was saying that in my head the whole time! :) Thanks for all your tips!