Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pregnancy Recap

I loved being pregnant. I wish I had looked pregnant sooner, but even without a visible bump, carrying life inside of me was incredible. 

1st Trimester:
Morning sickness was nasty, but not as bad as some women have it. I never had to run to the toilet to puke - I just felt like I could all day long. Saltine crackers, strawberries and potatoes were about all I ate. I fell asleep almost immediately after dinner every night. 

2nd Trimester:
Was not my babymoon trimester. My bump still had not appeared. I didn't look pregnant, and I felt fat many days (blaming that on infrequent exercise). But we got to see baby's face on the ultrasound, and feel him move daily! The 2nd trimester flew by for me. Having the holidays fall during this time helped that, I'm sure. I was sick of being asked "Are you sure you're [that far] along?" I ate nearly everything in sight, and was still hungry all the time - consequently, I gained all but 3 pounds of my total weight gain during this trimester. :-/ I had nasty heartburn beginning this trimester until the end. Tums were my good friend.But the 2nd Tri wasn't all bad! Feeling him move for the first time, and in the following days was something I won't forget. Feeling your baby move inside of you is indescribable. 

3rd Trimester:
This was my babymoon trimester. I felt amazing, and finally looked pregnant all the time! I did prenatal yoga nearly every day, and loved feeling him move so often. I did get a horrible case of sciatica that left me limping for about three weeks until his head dropped, the week before he was born. Sciatica, I've determined, is worse than morning sickness. My appetite slowed down (some) and the heartburn cooled quite a bit. Nesting hit like crazy. I know I missed out on those last four weeks, so I can't complain of swollen feet, or an aching back - or feeling as big as an elephant. I'm kind of sad that I did. Sure, there are annoying things that come in that last month, but the excitement and anticipation of knowing your baby is coming builds with every day! I missed out on that expectancy, too. Of course, I wouldn't change his birthday for anything... just being honest. :)

Overall, I missed sleeping on my back, and feeling my muscles burn and ache during work outs. (I think I worked out less, because it took me so long to find something that actually made me feel like it was worth my time.)
But whatdaya know... I've tried sleeping on my back in the last 6 weeks, and it just feels strange. Maybe I'm a side sleeper for life now... guess it'll make the transition easier for the next pregnancy. :)
I had a normal, healthy pregnancy, and a completely natural delivery. I am so thankful.

And now, I have this beautiful baby boy to kiss and love all day long.

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